This winter, cozy up with your family and friends and listen to Tāłtān language with the Tahltan portal which is now public on

First Voices, from First Peoples’ Cultural Council, is an online Indigenous language archiving and teaching resource with languages from all over BC and around the world.  The Tāłtān Language Reclamation department has been working with the folks at First Voices for the last year to bring Tahltan language to more people.  At this time, there are over 450 words and over 850 phrases with audio in the language and more are being added continually.    

To access these Tāłtān voices, go to First Voices and at the top of the page click “EXPLORE LANGUAGES”.  This will bring you to a page of all the languages on the site where you can scroll down to Tāłtān to enter our portal. Once in, Click on Learn our Language where you can explore the archive by clicking on the Words or Phrases, or search for a specific word in either Tāłtān or English using the search function.

First Voice Portral page

The words and phrases are the same that are found in the Tahltan Children’s Illustrated Dictionary and in the Tahltan Basic Conversation Lessons which were both developed in the early 1990s by Colin Carter working with fluent speakers including Pat Carlick, Edith Carlick, Angela Dennis, Regina Louie, Susan Dennis, Agnes Hunter, Mable Dennis, Freddie Quock, Susie Tashoots and Myra Blackburn. We’ve attempted to correct any errors in spelling or definition from those books in the entries on this site.

We’re deeply grateful to these fluent speakers who shared their knowledge and have allowed the language to live on for the rest of us to learn from.  A sincere thanks to Melva Quock for taking the initiative to record her parents saying words from the Dictionary over 15 years ago and sharing these recordings with the Language Department for all to enjoy.

We also thank Kathy Cottrell, Oscar Dennis, Hayle Gallup and Odelia Dennis for their hard work and attention to detail in preparing the audio for the site and creating and editing the 1300+ entries! 

In the new year, the Games feature will be usable as we add more images to the words and phrases in the archive, so keep checking in to see the new content added.  

Enjoy the Tahltan voices and happy language learning!