Dah Dāhge Eigits

In this illustrated children’s title, the Tāłtān alphabet is featured capturing the 47 distinct sounds of the Tāłtān language.  Dah Dẕāhge Es̱igits: We Write Our Language is a resource for learners to match sounds to symbols. It is also for those who can already speak Tāłtān but want to learn the alphabet to help them read and write in the language. The book also includes English translation.

Dah Dẕāhge Es̱igits was coordinated by Edōsdi | Dr. Judy Thompson, developed by language leaders Angela Dennis, Regina Louie and Odelia Dennis and illustrated by Una-Ann Moyer, Peter Morin and Tēmā Igharas. Margery Inkster Sr and Pauline Hawkins were key contributors for the Telegraph Creek dialect. We hope this book will inspire future generations of Tāłtān speakers and aid in Tāłtān cultural sustainability.

For members of the Tahtlan Nation, there is a special price of $10.00 per copy. Please contact the TCG Language Director for members who wish to make a purchase. For all other purchases, the books can be ordered directly from Theytus Books for $19.95 by clicking on the following link: VISIT LINK

Take a peek at the book below!


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 Coming soon: Dukah Ja’ Łuwe Ahujah

A Tāłtān Story on “How The Fish Came About” as told by Emma Brown.  Translations by Angela Dennis and illustrations and design by Tēmā Igharas. With the generous support of Dah Dẕāhge Nodes̱̱idē, Edōsdi / Judy Thompson, and the descendants of Emma Brown.

These materials contain sensitive information.


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